About Youth Enterprise

Core Purpose:

Youth Enterprise (YE) is a non-profit organization with a Core Purpose of equipping youth living in urban areas with relevant life and business skills grounded in the hope of Christ. YE aims to help give these youth a vision and hope for the future. Our goal is that all our youth know they can make a valuable and positive contribution to the work force, their families, schools, and communities both local and global.

The Youth Enterprise program begins by offering students the opportuntity to create, print, market and sell screen printed t-shirts and other apparel. This day to day after school environment provides an incredible channel through which students and staff can interact as they learn and teach about a variety of life and business skills such as goal setting, time management, sales, marketing, leadership, finances and team work. Our program structure creates a safe space for teens that allows time to build healthy peer and staff relationships with elements of accountability and fellowship. Teens also have the opportunity to discuss issues of faith while they experience the love and life of Jesus.


Youth Enterprise is a screen printing program training 25 teenagers annually who print and learn while they participate. We operate two printing shops, offer our own line of apparel called 1Word, and print custom orders for a variety of businesses, churches and organizations both in the Twin Cities and across the country. Call 612-724-4249 or email us at info@yefonline.com for a quote or to place an order. 


Job skills development training, financial management, mentoring, personal development, independent living, leadership, community engagement, academics, faith, influence, empowerment and impact are some of the aspects of the Youth Enterprise program that seek to positively affect a students' outlook on life, education and future employment opportunities.

On average, students stay with Youth Enterprise for 24 months.  They participate in program activities 4-5 days a week after school and daytimes during the summer.  

Graduation Rates:

The city of Minneapolis has a 55% graduation rate (*StarTirbune 2007). For young black men the average graduation rate is only 27%*(ibid). Youth Enterprise helps students, both male and female from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, achieve educational success with a graduation rate of 93%. 



"We talk about real life [things] instead of just shirts and work. We bring up stuff that is really happening. Then we talk about what we need to be doing."
Darrell, YE Student Staff, 3 1/2 years

"It's a motivational job. It keeps [me] motivated [and provides] a good opportunity for me to connect with God."
Precious, former YE Student Staff, 1 year

"Works helps me be focused. I plan to go to college and just go as far as I can. I'll always remember this place. It's the first job I ever had."
Lewahn, YE Student Staff, 3 years


100% of your financial support goes directly to the Youth Enterprise program. Your business and support are significant factors to the longevity and sustainability of Youth Enterprise. We cover an average of 90% of our operating budget with the donations we receive for our 1Word t-shirts and custom orders. Since our incorporation as a 501(c)3 in 1996 we have been financially supported by over 1300 churches nationwide, 170 non-profit organizations and foundations, 30 for profit businesses and over 800 individuals.

Thank you to those of you who continue to support Youth Enterprise with your t-shirt needs and your annual giving. Your support significantly impacts the lives of teens who participate in the Youth Enterprise program. Their lives are changed forever because of the experience they have with Youth Enterprise. Your support is the greatest advocate we have as we help them navigate lifes ups and downs. 

Volunteer Opportunities:

One night a week for 9 months as an academic tutor. Call us at 612-724-4249 for more information.