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Our core purpose is to equip youth living in urban communities with relevant life and business skills grounded in the hope of Christ.

Dontations to Youth Enterprise are truly gifts that help fuel and fund the ministry. We could not do this without you and your generosity. Please consider a tax-deductible financial contribution to Youth Enterprise through below. We are grateful for your support and hopeful for the future through you and your giving. 

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The Youth Enterprise program helps teens navigate life's difficult circumstances through mentorship, Christian faith development, and job training in the area of screen printing, sales and t-shirt design. All proceeds generated by the sales of t-shirts goes to the Youth Enterprise program to foster the growth and development of our teen participants. Contact us for your t-shirt needs both custom and 1Word sales!  Call or email us today!  


Tyree is a senior this year and a current vending machine owner/operator inspired by his training at Youth Enterprise. This photo is taken at our North Shop in N. Minneapolis, where he set up his pop machine and where he works with program manager Kemen Taylor. Tyree saves 50% of each paycheck, buys his own pop, manages his machine and markets his business. He plans to have his machine paid for by profits in the next six months.

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